Mission Statement

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Members' Benefit

IAOEES may provide the benefits to all members in a variety of ways, as listed in following:

  • Having a professional home to support IAOEES members in a variety of ways;
  • Having a pleasant place making some of your spare time valuable;
  • Having literature and publishing resources and opportunities;
  • Having Worldwide networking opportunities;
  • Having facilitating professional development and recognition (Honors and Awards);
  • Having supporting/reference Letters;
  • Having careers service and opportunities;
  • Having funding opportunities (Conference discounts, training discounts, student fellowships, etc.).

All members are required to develop members, actively participate in the IAOEES activities, and to pay membership fees in order to be official IAOEES members. Membership fees help support the important work the IAOEES does on behalf of the electrochemical energy and technology community in the world, including:

  • Advocacy and encouragement;
  • Grow and mature;
  • Outreach and influence;
  • Accreditation and recognition;
  • Contribution and success.


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